With the look & feel of natural wood, Moriken’s composite boards provide an impressive alternative hardwood. Tested and certified for over 28 years , Moriken’s technology guarantees the exceptional qualities of durability and colour-permenance exhibited by Moriken’s boards. The boards are aesthetically pleasing, soft to the touch, and blend perfeclty with any open-air installation. 

Will not fade 

Each Moriken’s colour is fully impregnated within the material, and is UV resistant. Moriken’s requires no special treatment, and has a natural mat finish resembling that of wood, the vital difference being that Moriken’s does not fade or grey 

Hardwearing, with minimum maintenance 

Moriken’s is naturally long-lasting and is resistant to water, the sun, insects, rotting and frost.Moriken’s does not need any special treatment and very little maintenance.

Security Guaranteed

Even wen wet,Moriken’s provides a non-slip splinter-free surface, with no visible screwheads thanks to Moriken’s clip fastener system. Soft to the touch, our boards do not wrap or split. 

Easy Installation 

Laying Moriken’s is fast and easy, using clasical tools. There is a choice on each board between the side that is grooved, in a hardwood style, and the other offering a smooth satin finish that is easier to keep clean. 

This series offers reasonably priced boards with all of the perfomance you expect from Einwood.

These hollow boards are made of more than 50% wood material.They have a hollow structure in order to achieve a lighter weight. The wood plastic composite material WPC corporation uses are products that have obtained accreditation of the JISA5741:2006,the standard awarded by Japan’s national laboratory qualifying recycled composite woods and plastics. JISA5741 was established in 2012 with the aim of standardizing testing methods and the criteria for eco-friendly products, an important step in furthering the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)